Simply Linked

Become "Simply Linked" with a delicate chain of your choice.
Choose from a beautiful selection of 14k gold filled or sterling silver chains to
create a permanent bracelet, necklace, anklet or ring of your choice.
We will custom fit a dainty gold filled or sterling silver
chain of your choice and weld the two ends together with a
quick flicker⚡️...voila! You are now "Simply Linked" to your favorite people.
 "Simply Linked" pieces are perfect to celebrate moms and daughters, sisters, friends, graduations, engagements, weddings, bridesmaids gifts, anniversaries,
birth of a child, 
milestone birthdays, the list goes on. 
 All pieces are endless..there is no clasp! If you need to take them off, just snip the connection and come back in for a reconnection when you’re ready.
"Simply Linked" jewelry is about the experience…You will be constantly
reminded of your cherished relationships and special milestones.