Amy's Story

How it all started...

My love of jewelry started at around age 7. I'd deck myself out using my mom's costume jewelry, take the stage in our pop-up camper, and sing Delta Dawn with my neighborhood girlfriends. It wasn't long before I started remaking her jewelry. It needed to be bigger, brighter and more sparkly. Clearly things have changed! My taste is a bit more subtle now.

First a part-time hobby, now a full-time business

I started by making jewelry for myself and then began creating pieces to give as gifts. After many jewelry requests, I gave serious thought to starting a jewelry business. In 2006, I started Simple Expressions by Amy.

At that time, my kids were little – ages 7, 5 and 2. Starting Simple Expressions allowed me the flexibility to work at home while providing me the creative outlet I it was really fun!

My love for design starts with personalized pieces with meaning. My passion lies in creating jewelry that is unique to only you or co-designing with you to create the perfect gift.  I love jewelry that tells your story, touches your heart AND is beautiful! Lets work together to find a piece that expresses your emotions, feelings or truths.

My simple designs merge everyday casual with elegance creating a treasure that can be worn anytime, anywhere.

I hope you have as much fun wearing my jewelry as I do creating it.