What is "simply linked" permanent jewelry?

"Simply Linked" jewelry is custom fit chain that is welded around your neck, wrist, ankle or finger. There is no clasp and you will wear it until you remove by simply cutting it off at the weld.

How long does it take? 

The appointment is about 15 minutes long.
The process: choose your chain, measure & sized, weld! 

Can my permanent jewelry break? 

Because your permanent jewelry does not have a clasp and is measured to fit perfectly on your wrist, neck or ankle, it should not break. If it were to break, bring the chain in and we can re-weld. If the chain is lost, a new chain will need to be purchased.
*note: these chains are dainty and lightweight so they are not indestructible.

What material are the "Simply Linked" chains?

Gold-filled, sterling silver…solid gold is available upon request

 What is the difference between gold filled and solid gold?

Gold filled jewelry contains 20% solid gold and the rest is a base metal. The solid gold is bonded to the base metal, so it wears like solid gold - you can shower, sweat, and swim in it! It has 100 times more solid gold than gold plated, and is a more affordable alternative to solid gold. Solid gold is 100% pure gold.

 Can I take it off?

Permanent jewelry is as permanent as you would like it to be. If you need to remove it, just cut it off at the welded jump ring. Be sure to keep the chain and we can re-weld it for a $15 fee.  

How do I clean my jewelry?

Clean your jewelry with warm water and dawn soap. This will remove all dirt and oil that may have built up.

Can I add a charm later?

Absolutely! This may take some time and thought. Come back any time and I can add your charm of choice.

 Does it hurt?

Not at all! The welding is a simple flash of light..and you are “simply linked”. You won’t feel a thing!

Can I pass through airport security?

Yep! You can wear real gold jewelry through security without having any issue.  You will not be required to remove it.

 What if I have an MRI? Surgery?

Consult your doctor to see if you are required to remove your permanent jewelry during your MRI.

If your doctor requires you to take off your jewelry for your MRI, you can always bring your piece back in so we can re-weld.

What if the piece comes off?

If your jewelry breaks at the weld spot, I am happy to fix for you free of charge. 


We will ensure the welded jewelry is secure before you leave your appointment. Keep in mind…permanent jewelry does not mean indestructible.  If you need to remove your permanent jewelry or it comes off for any reason, just pop in and I will re-weld for you.

* Repair costs will need to be determined once I am able to see the piece. 

Does the welding process hurt?

Nope! There will be a piece of leather placed between your skin and the location that is being welded. 

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