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express yourself

Amy's simple designs merge everyday casual with elegance creating a treasure that can be worn anytime, anywhere.


something for everyone! Stud earrings are the perfect simple addition to your... 

Pendant Necklaces

Just the right length. Just the right accent.  

tell your story

create a piece that is unique to only you

  • save the date

    begin your story with a "save the date" neckace. A constant reminder of that special day

  • options are limitless

    My goal with “Limitless” collection is to empower those wearing it to express all of their truths.Look forward! Be inspired, hopeful and see life's purpose

  • the perfect memorial of a loved one

    choose a message that is special to you

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  • live as if you were to die tomorrow.
    learn as if you were to live forever.

  • threader earrings

    make any occasion one to remember with these beauties!

  • gem pendants

    choose a gem that has special meaning to you!

  • hoops and huggies

    playful beaded hoops are going to be your favorite to wear this season!

    hoops and huggies